How to Clean Makeup Brushes The Right Way: 14 Tips and Tricks


How to Clean Makeup Brushes the Right Way | Want to know how to clean your makeup brushes and sponges at home fast? We’ve got 14 easy tips and ideas to help you up your makeup game! We’re sharing why you should clean your makeup brushes (and how often), our favorite store bought makeup brush cleaners, and 4 DIY ideas to try to clean your brushes naturally with dish soap, with baby shampoo, with coconut oil, with apple cider vinegar, and more! #makeupbrushcleaner #makeuptips #makeupbrushes

For most women, makeup brushes are items we use on a daily basis. Every day before heading out the door, we apply our makeup with brushes to give life and colour to our skin. Seeing that we use them on our faces everyday, wouldn’t it make sense to properly clean and care for them regularly? While some of us are down right lazy, others simply don’t know the reasons behind why you should clean your makeup brushes and why it’s so important. Cleaning your makeup brushes can be a complete game changer for your skin, makeup application and overall health. Read on to find out how to clean your makeup brushes the right way!

6 Reasons to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

1. Breakout Prevention
If you don’t clean your makeup brushes, you’re more likely to experience breakouts and acne. Every time you use your makeup brushes, they collect everything that’s on your face, from oil to dead skin cells to dust. When you use a dirty makeup brush, you’re wiping these things all over your skin and clogging your pores, making it more likely that you’ll breakout in pimples and acne.

2. They Can Contaminate Your Makeup
Dirty makeup brushes are filled with germs and bacteria. Above, we talked about why this is bad for your skin, but it’s also bad for your makeup. When you use your dirty makeup brushes to go from one makeup product to the next, the bacteria taints them and your makeup will end up spoiling much quicker than it should.

3. They’ll Last Longer
Your makeup brushes are sure to last longer if you clean them! Any time you clean your makeup brushes, you’re preserving them and helping them last longer. Good makeup brushes are an investment, and the more you clean them, the longer that investment will last!

4. Better Colour Application
Clean makeup brushes apply colour so much better than dirty makeup brushes do. With makeup, oil and germs built up on your brushes, it’s harder for them to apply the colour precisely. This makes it tough to get your desired makeup look.

5. Reduced Skin Irritation
When your makeup brushes are caked on with product, they eventually dry up, becoming brittle and abrasive to your skin. Using scratchy makeup brushes on your skin can irritate it, roughen its texture and even make your skin look dull. Regularly cleaning your brushes keeps them remain nice and soft, so you can apply your makeup without feeling like you’re scratching your skin.

6. They Have Negative Effects on Your Health
With all the bacteria, dirt and germs dirty makeup brushes collect, they can have a negative impact on your internal health. Dirty brushes make it more likely for you to catch a viral infection like pink eye, especially if you share them with others.

How Often Should You Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

Follow the following guide for how often to clean your makeup brushes.

  • Concealer and Foundation Brushes: At least once a week. This will prevent build up of product and is key since these brushes are used directly on your face.
  • Eye Makeup Brushes: At least twice a month.
  • All Other Brushes: Once a month.

4 Best Natural Makeup Brush Cleaners

1. Liquid Dish Soap
Liquid dish soap and water is a great combination to get your makeup brushes nice and clean! Pour a bit of dish soap onto a sponge and rub your makeup brush against the surface. Rinse your brush with lukewarm water and lay it on a towel to dry. Make sure to rinse your sponge and use fresh dish soap for each brush you clean!

2. Apple Cider Vinegar + Liquid Dish Soap
For brushes with build-up, apple cider vinegar is a great option! It will help kill bad bacteria and clean your brushes at the same time. Mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a half-teaspoon of liquid dish soap in a cup of warm water. Place your brushes into the blend, allowing them to soak. Once the buildup has broken down, rinse your brushes with cool water and let them dry on a towel.

3. Organic Baby Shampoo
Organic baby shampoo is amazing because it’s super gentle. It will condition your brushes, leaving them soft and supple. After you run your brushes under warm water, place a small amount of baby shampoo in the palm of your hand. Swirl the bristles of your brush in a circular motion until you notice a thick lather. Work out all the dirt and oil before running it under warm water until it’s clean. Squeeze out excess water and lay on a towel to dry.

4. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is another awesome natural way to clean your makeup brushes! It helps break down dirt and grime that builds up in your makeup brushes and has antibacterial properties that will keep your brushes from getting clogged with dirt. Use liquified coconut oil to clean your brushes, followed by a rinse with water. Not only will your brushes be clean, the oil will protect and nourish the bristles!

4 Best Store Bought Makeup Brush Cleaners

1. Beautify Beauties Makeup Brush Cleaner
This makeup cleaner is next level and is super effective and easy to use. All you have to do is spin your brushes for a quick clean! With this cleanser, you can get rid of the toxins, dirt and bacteria that build up on your makeup brushes.

2. Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser
If you want your makeup brushes to last and stay in great condition, the Bobbi Brown conditioning brush cleanser is the one for you! Not only will it clean your brushes, it softens the bristles so your makeup glides on smoothly!

3. Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel
Alcohol-free and gentle on your brushes, this cleanser has a gel-like consistency and conditions your bristles! It’s ideal for deep cleaning and effectively removes makeup residue with ease!

4. e.l.f. Daily Brush Cleaner
This cruelty-free, vegan spray is perfect for cleaning your makeup brushes. While it’s not meant for deep cleaning, it’s ideal to use on a daily basis when switching colours on your brushes!

If you haven’t been cleaning your makeup brushes properly, now is the time to start! Use these tips and tricks to clean your brushes the right way!

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