Cut Crease Eyeshadow: 12 Hacks and Tutorials for Beginners


Cut Crease Eyeshadow | If you’re looking for step by step tutorials to teach you how to master the dramatic cut crease makeup trend, we’re got you covered. Whether you have hooded or non-hooded eyes, blue, brown, or green eyes, dark skin or fair skin, we’re sharing our best cut crease application tips, hacks, and products to teach you how to do cut crease makeup effortlessly. #cutcrease #cutcreasestepbystep #cutcreasemakeup

If you’re a Youtube or Instagram makeup junkie, chances are you’ve seen tons of influencers flaunting cut crease eyeshadow. It’s made a name for itself as a go-to makeup technique to make your eyes look bigger and stand out in a flawless way. If you’re wondering how to work your eyeshadow crease magic and master this technique, take a look at our favourite products and tutorials!

Cut Crease Eyeshadow Explained

Cut crease eyeshadow is a genius technique used to define your eye crease. It’s done by “cutting” across your crease with contrasting eyeshadow colour and little to no blending. Cut crease eye makeup is used to lift your eyes, making them look brighter and more open, especially if you have a medium or heavy fold! It defines your eye socket in a dramatic way, leaving you with stunning eyes.

It’s also quite simple to do! First choose a lighter shade of eyeshadow to apply all over your lid, then add a darker shade on top of your lid crease. We’ve listed our favourite cut crease makeup products a little farther below so you can see what palettes we recommend to get this stylish look.

Here are the 7 basics of how to do a cut crease eyeshadow look

1. Apply Primer: Make sure to apply primer all over your entire eyelid. If your eyeshadows blend into each other, the cut crease look won’t work, so add prime to ensure shade stays in place.

2. Choose Your Light Eyeshadow: As I mentioned above, start out by applying a light eyeshadow shade all over your lid, up to your brow. This will highlight the whole area, helping your eyes brighten up.

3. Time for Eyeliner: Use a dark eyeliner to create a V-shape starting from the crease in the middle of your eye, connecting it to the outer corner of your eye. Use less pressure in the middle of your lid and go thicker toward the outer corner.

4. Blend It: Use an eyeshadow brush to blend the line you just drew outwards to the outer corner of your eye.

5. Dark Shadow: Apply the dark eyeshadow shade over the top line of your eyeshadow and slightly blend above it.

6. Line It: Line your lash line with your favourite liquid eyeliner to add definition. Start from the inner corner of your eyes and draw a line that wings outwards.

7. Finish It Off: Use the dark eyeshadow you used above your cut crease along your bottom lash line to finish off the look.

4 Drugstore Cut Crease Makeup Products We Love

1. Jacob and Eli Eyeshadow Palette
This palette has all the shades you’ll need to create a gorgeous cut crease look, plus it’s incredibly affordable. It comes with 18 super pigmented hues, some are shimmer, some are matte, some are basic and some are bold so you can get any look you want!

2. E.l.f. Essential Eyelid Primer
The last thing you want for your cut crease look is for the lighter and darker shades to blend and crease. Use this gentle, easy-glide primer to make sure everything stays in place.

3. Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid Eyeliner
A good eyeliner is key to a perfect cut crease makeup look, and a liquid liner works best for this technique. This formula won’t smudge, smear or fade so your look will last all day.

4. BEPHOLAN False Lashes
Stocked with 3 reusable pairs of handmade false eyelashes, these falsies will help pull your look together. Made with thin fiber material, they’re hypoallergenic and won’t harm your eyes! Apply them after you’ve created your cut crease look to finish it off with an extra touch of glam!

3 Affordable Cut Crease Brush Sets We Love

1. Keshima Professional Eye Makeup Brushes
2. Lamora Makeup Eye Brush Set
3. Real Techniques Starter Set Makeup Brush Set

5 Cut Crease Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorials for Beginners

ABH Soft Glam Palette Cut Crease Tutorial | An Knook

In this tutorial, she uses the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam palette to create a gorgeous cut crease eye makeup look. She uses colours like ‘Sienna’ and ‘Rose Gold’ for a glam look that’s not over the top. She also uses the Benefit Cosmetics Bad Gal mascara for her lashes as well as the MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre.

How to Achieve a Defined Cut Crease | Esmeralda Gudino

Using a variety of brushes and eyeshadow shades, watch how she creates a perfect cut crease look. She uses shades from the BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil palette as well as the Morphe 35W palette. And don’t forget a pair of false lashes to bring the look together – just look how it makes the cut crease eyeshadow even more perfect!

Easy 3-Step Cut Crease Tutorial and Glitter Cut Crease | Kaushal Beauty

I love this simple cut crease tutorial, and what makes me love it even more is the addition of glitter! It gives the look an unexpected shimmer and makes your eyes look even brighter! She uses the Urban Decay Perversion liner to define her wing and the Tarte Tartlette In Bloom palette for her eyeshadow shades.

Easy Neutral Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial | Emma Cervin

For a pretty, neutral cut crease look, this is the perfect tutorial! The end result is gorgeous, but not too in-your-face, it’s perfect for a day to day look! She uses Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow shades like Touch of Lilac as well as the Kat Von D ink liner in Trooper.

Warm Glitter Cut Crease Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

This makeup look is so warm and perfect for the holiday season! With a touch of glitter and warm red hues, it’s the only look you’ll need. She uses products such as the Morphe gel liner and the Kylie Cosmetics So Cute lipgloss to compliment the cut crease look.

Ready to nail the cut crease eye makeup technique? Use these tips and products to get the gorgeous look!

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