Sleep Deprivation Can Be a Nightmare

Did you get a good night\'s sleep last night? If you didn\'t, you may be setting yourself up for some unexpected consequences.They may not have known it at the time, but hundreds of airline passengers w

The Best Natural Asthma Remedies

There’s nothing quite as vitalizing as a breath of warm, fresh summer air, but for the more than 3 million Canadians living with asthma, hot weather can pose a multitude of challenges. Fortunately, th

It’s Elemental

From the Editor: Winter 2017

More men than ever before want to achieve optimal health. Supplements formulated especially for men help top up their dietary requirements.For many of us the morning routine goes something like this—s

Natural Skincare Tricks to Boost Your Glow

Beauty is all around us. Channelling or harnessing it to be our best selves can be incredibly fun, and it can bring thought-provoking challenges as well. It’s not just about finding the perfect summer

How to Remove Skin From Pears

Things You\'ll Need Slotted spoonSmall paring knifeVegetable peeler Removing the skin from pears is a relatively

Wildlife Wednesday: Wild Water Buffalo

This Wildlife Wednesday, learn why there may be no purebred wild water buffalo left in the world.Habitat: India and AsiaWater buffalo triviaAlso called Asian buffalo, wild water buffalo can weigh up t

The Tenors

The Tenors are in the midst of a gruelling 70-city tour to promote their latest CD Lead With Your Heart. The boys take a break to catch up with alive.Audience members anxiously check their watches in

Healthy Hair

Hair is essentially protein, so be sure that you\'re getting an adequate supply. Look to legumes like beans, peas, lentils, and fermented soybean products for nutrient-rich vegetarian protein sources,

10 Everyday Hairstyles for Long Hair (in Under 5 Minutes!)

These days Im finding it increasingly more difficult to get out of bed when my daughter starts begging me to make bluebe

Lutein and Zeaxanthin

A powerful antioxidant duo plays an important protective role against eye damage. But did you know their power may extend far beyond what our eyes can see?Eye healthLutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidant

A Bounty of Supplements

When it comes to supplements, you have an abundance of healthy options. But which ones to choose? Start here with our quick supplement guide.Shopping for supplements is a lot like shopping for a new b

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