What to Do With Overripe Corn


... Corn is rich with vitamins B and C.

Corn, a grain rich with nutrients such as vitamins B and C, is typically grown in the warm seasons of spring and summer until it's harvested in the fall. But corn left on the stalk too long can become overripe, leading to coarse kernels. If you have a few stalks of overripe corn, don't be too quick to throw them away — there are several things you can make.

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Corn Meal

Turn your overripe corn into corn meal, which is simply ground corn kernels. All you need is a corn grinder that can be purchased from a hardware or farm-supply store. Add corn kernels to the grinder and grind them into meal. Corn meal can be used to make cornbread, tortillas and Indian pudding. Finely ground corn meal can be used to make hominy grits, a Southern dish usually served for breakfast.

Cream-style Corn

Overripe corn can be used to make cream-style corn. Unlike whole-kernel corn, cream-style is served with a sweet, buttery cream that helps flavor overripe corn. Remove the kernels from the cob and, depending on the recipe, combine them with melted butter, water, sugar, cream, cornstarch and seasoning. Serve cream-style corn with white rice or garlic mashed potatoes.

Corn Whiskey

Provided you have a liquor license, you can distill corn whiskey from overripe corn. Remove the kernels from the cob and mash them into mush. Heat the mush in a large pot overnight, add yeast and allow it to ferment for two weeks. After fermentation, pour the mush into a still and allow it to distill at least twice. Pour the resulting whiskey into an oak barrel and age it as long as you like.

Corn Relish

Several dishes and appetizers can be made from overripe corn, such as corn relish — which is simple to make if you have the necessary ingredients. Remove kernels from the cob and boil them for 30 minutes, along with seasoning and diced vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and red peppers. After 30 minutes, add flour to thicken the relish. Serve with tortilla chips.

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