9 Quick and Stylish Bubble Braid Hairstyles For All Hair Lengths


9 Bubble Braid Hairstyles For All Hair Lengths | Bubble braids are fun, stylish, and extremely versatile. They're perfect for school, work, prom, and for sports! There are tons of ways you can wear them - as a half up half down look, in a ponytail, as double pigtails, and more. If you want to know how to do bubble braids, these step by step hair tutorials are just what you need! We've curated 9 easy looks for short hair, medium length hair, and long hair!

Bubble braids are the latest hair trend taking over the streets and social media alike. Fun, stylish and easy to do, they’re popularity is only going to continue to grow. Bubble braids are extremely versatile, allowing you to create countless trendy hairstyles. Significantly easier to do than braids, but with the same final vibe, bubble braids are super on trend and a must-know for every gal. Check out 9 bubble braid hairstyles for all hair lengths.

What Are Bubble Braids?

Bubble braids are similar to normal braids, but they’re quicker and easy to do. They consist of bunches of hair made into “bubbles” and can be worn in pigtails, ponytails, and beyond. Some are easy to create and some are more complicated, but with a bit of practice, you’ll be able to do them in no time. Bubble braids are great because there’s really no limit to what you can do with them. They’re super fun and stylish and are incredibly on trend. They’re the new Dutch/boxer/French braid, and you can dress them up or down depending on your mood and the occasion.

3 Tips and Essentials for Gorgeous Bubble Braids

1. Create The Bubble Before Adding The Next Band
While some tutorials will tell you to place all the hair elastics in your hair and then pull out the “bubbles”, you’ll get a better result if you pull out the bubble before adding the next band. As you tie each section, use your fingertips to gently spread the hair apart creating a soft, round bubble, then go on to the next section.

2. Nail The Spacing
Play around with spacing until you find the right sized bubble for you. For longer hair, leave about two inches between each elastic, and if your hair is shorter, place them closer together. Of course, if you have longer hair and want more bubbles, you can leave less in between the elastics – it’s all up to you and what you prefer!

3. Add Some Grit
To ensure your bubbles stay put, add some grit with a holding product to help shield against frizz and wind and keep your hairstyle in place for hours on end. A finishing spray or dry shampoo will prep your hair and make it last.

3 Bubble Braid Hairstyles for Short Hair

Bubble Braid Tutorial on Short Hair | Sophie Hannah

Follow this easy step by step tutorial to create bubble braids on short hair. It’s a super simple style to create and very wearable all year round. You can jazz them up with different coloured hair bands and play around with them to make them your own! You’ll need small hair bands and a coconut oil hair cream for frizz and flyaways for this half up half down bubble braid look.

Super Easy Gym/Workout Hairstyle for Short Hair | Milabu

This bubble braid hairstyle is super cute and perfect if you’re hitting the gym! It will keep your hair out of your face and ensure you’re looking stylish while you’re doing weights or on the treadmill. This faux braid boxer hairstyle is easy and fast to do and all you need is a hair clip and clear hair elastics!

How To Do Bubble Braids | Easy Hairstyle | Vianney Moda

This bubble braid hairstyle gives off more of a 90s vibe and is super cute for short hair. You’ll need a brush, a rat tail comb to part your hair and little clear elastics. She provides great tips for how to create the small bubble braids and the end result is just fab!

3 Bubble Braid Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Easy Faux Braid Tutorial | Harmonize_Beauty

Bubble braids are often referred to as faux braids because they give you a similar look with less effort. These faux braid french pigtails are amazing for those with fine hair that have trouble getting their braids to look bulky and thick. Follow her steps as she shows you exactly how to get the look. You’ll need clear hair elastics, an alligator clip and a scrunchie to separate your hair.

Bubble Braids Tutorial (2 Different Ways) | Mae Sitler

These two bubble braid hairstyles are chic and stylish. One is simple and the other is a little more advanced, but with practice and patience, both will be a piece of cake. As well as small hair elastics, she also uses an alligator clip, comb and dry shampoo powder. This is particularly helpful if you have super fine, straight hair.

Bubble Braid Tutorial | Add Volume and Thickness To Your Hair With This Cute Hairstyles | Effortless Beauty

This bubble braid look has a boho vibe and it is seriously stunning. This everyday look will add volume and texture to your hair, while still keeping it out of your face. Learn how to do this bubble braid hairstyle in minutes, using products like dry shampoo, texture spray and the 1-inch Babyliss Pro Curling Iron.

3 Bubble Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair

How To Do: Bubble Braids! Super Simple and Easy Hair Tutorial | Megan Ingraham

If you have long hair, these pigtail bubble braids will look absolutely gorgeous on you. She begins by putting some hair serum in her hair to help manage flyaways and uses a comb to make her hair straight in the back. You’ll also need small hair elastics and a scrunchie to help separate your hair. While this hairstyle can take time to get the hang of, once you do you’ll want to do it all the time!

Bubble Pigtails Hair Tutorial | Trendy Hair Ideas | Sosi & Den

These baby bubble pigtails are super fun and trendy! Pigtails and bubble braids are two of the biggest hair trends right now, so combining them in one look is a surefire way to look amazing. You’ll need a rat tail comb to create sleek parts and of course small elastics for the bubbles! She recommends pulling out the bubbles before putting the next band in for a stunning end result.

4 Easy Bubble Hairstyles | Missy Sue

With this tutorial, you get not one, not two, but four bubble braid hairstyles! Each one just as stunning as the last, and you’ll learn how to do a range of ponytail and half up bubble braids. She uses products like the topsy tail hair tool, a hair brush, and a medium-hold hairspray that won’t make your hair crunchy.

Bubble braid hairstyles are the new it hairstyle to know. Try out these products and tutorials to get the look yourself!

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