EWG's Cleaners Database Now Online


EWG\'s Cleaners Database Now Online

It’s the day we’ve been waiting for: the Environmental Working Group has published their home cleaners database online.

Last month we reported that the much-loved Environmental Working Group (EWG) (creators of the Skin Deep database and annual sunscreen guides) would be releasing a database ranking home cleaners in the fall. Well today is the day we’ve been waiting for, as it’s now online and available to consumers.

Scary stats
The comprehensive database allows the reader to search by type of cleaner (air freshener, dishwashing) or look up top products and their “Hall of Shame,” among other categories. In their research, the EWG uncovered some shocking statistics about the cleaners we use in our daily chores. For instance, “53 percent of cleaning products assessed by EWG contain ingredients known to harm the lungs.” Yikes!

Skip some products
The EWG makes recommendations for healthier products; however, they maintain that for some products, there are no truly healthy options, and it’s best just to skip them. These include antibacterial products, air fresheners, and dryer sheets.

Beware of greenwashing
The good news is that there are a lot of green cleaning products out there. The bad news is that there are also a lot of products masquerading and environmentally friendly and nontoxic when they’re not. Read the labels, know your ingredients, and be a discerning consumer.

Interested in learning more by checking out the database for yourself? Click here to link to it.

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