101 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar That Will Blow Your Mind


101 apple cider vinegar uses | While apple cider vinegar and weight loss is a hot topic these days, few people realize there are ACV remedies for pretty much everything. It’s good for skin, for hair, for dandruff, for feet, for acne, for yeast infections, for PMS relief, and for cleaning, it’s a great morning sickness remedy, it can boost energy levels, and YES! it’s good for weight loss. Check out 101 ACV benefits for a happier, healthier, skinnier you!

Did you know one of the most pungent products in your cupboard is also the most beneficial? Apple cider vinegar has the ability to help with everything from your health to your skin to your hair. Plus, it’s also a great addition to many foods and drinks! In fact, we’ve rounded up 101 uses for apple cider vinegar that are sure to blow your mind.

When you’re choosing an apple cider vinegar, make sure to get one that’s organic and contains “mother”. This indicates your ACV is of the best quality. Mother is an amino acid-based substance that combines enzymes, proteins and probiotic bacteria. The best apple cider vinegar with mother has long been Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, so it’s always a great bet!

The health benefits of organic apple cider vinegar with mother are plentiful. It helps balance your body’s pH, which detoxes your system, cleansing your liver and easing digestive ailments. And it also helps stimulate circulation. Not only that, it’s been shown to improve heart health, lower blood pressure, and fight against free radical damage. As you can see, the healing power of apple cider vinegar is very strong, so it’s something you should be incorporating into your diet every day.

There are also multiple apple cider vinegar uses for women, specifically. Along with beauty hacks like using it as a face toner and hair mask, apple cider vinegar also helps around that time of the month. It works to eliminate cramps and lessen PMS symptoms, plus it helps get rid of yeast infections. And if you’re looking to lose weight, apple cider vinegar is one of the best things to add to your daily regimen. It makes you feel full, curbs your cravings, and helps get things moving.

If you’re feeling sluggish, apple cider vinegar can help boost your energy naturally. It contains potassium and enzymes that can bring you up when you’re feeling exhausted, especially after a tough workout. If a lack of energy is a problem for you, add apple cider vinegar to a glass of water or a smoothie to kick your energy up a notch.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar

There are many ways to use apple cider vinegar, so it really depends on what exactly you’re using it for. You’ll often need to dilute it with water or other ingredients, especially if you’re eating or drinking it, or putting it on your skin. You can use it in salad dressings, tea blends, smoothies, baking, soups and more. Plus, you can create an all-purpose cleaner or use it as a dish detergent. It can be used as a deodorizer, or weed killer, and you can use it to clean your makeup tools and tooth brush. The list goes on and on.

Take a look at 101 uses for apple cider vinegar and start reaping the benefits in your day to day life.

  1.  To make you feel full
  2. For a salad dressing
  3. For a tea blend
  4. As a facial toner
  5. To soothe a sore throat
  6. To make an all-purpose cleaner
  7. To boil and poach your eggs
  8. As a foot soak
  9. In your morning smoothie
  10. For shiny hair
  11. As a marinade
  12. For sunburn soothing
  13. To get rid of the hiccups
  14. To make your rice fluffy
  15. To wash fruits and vegetables
  16. As a hair rinse
  17. When baking cakes
  18. To clean your makeup tools
  19. For digestion
  20. As a face toner
  21. To cleanse your liver
  22. In a soup
  23. To boost your energy
  24. In a hot drink
  25. For a detox bath
  26. To relieve allergies
  27. To balance body pH
  28. To sooth bug bites
  29. As a dandruff treatment
  30. In a sauce
  31. To get rid of bad breath
  32. To help treat gout
  33. As a dish detergent
  34. To ease psoriasis
  35. To reduce age spots
  36. To unblock sinuses
  37. As a mouth wash
  38. As a deodorizer
  39. To treat nail fungus
  40. As a sleep aid
  41. As a fabric softener
  42. To clean your fridge
  43. As a natural deodorant (it won’t smell like vinegar once it dries!)
  44. As a weed killer
  45. To clean your tooth brush
  46. To trap fruit flies
  47. To preserve food
  48. To whiten teeth
  49. To overcome exercise exhaustion
  50. To ease acid reflux
  51. To help fight infection
  52. For constipation relief
  53. To get rid of fleas on pets
  54. For weight loss
  55. To sooth itchy skin
  56. To help prevent diabetes
  57. As a hair conditioner
  58. To soften your skin
  59. To keep ants away
  60. As a drain cleaner
  61. For ear mites in cats and dogs
  62. To help blood glucose levels
  63. To treat pimples
  64. To clean dentures
  65. To get rid of warts
  66. To reduce arthritis pain
  67. To clean your coffee maker
  68. To lower blood sugar
  69. To fight inflammation
  70. To lower cholesterol
  71. As a makeup remover
  72. To whiten laundry
  73. For PMS symptoms and cramps
  74. To help eliminate cellulite
  75. To set hair dye
  76. To fight heartburn
  77. To clean your garbage disposal
  78. For UTIs
  79. To cure a yeast infection
  80. For respiratory problems
  81. To make butter milk
  82. For baking
  83. As a jewelry cleaner
  84. For joint pain
  85. For diaper rashes
  86. For an ear ache
  87. To make your roast juicy
  88. To whiten yellow nails
  89. As a window cleaner
  90. To unclog drains
  91. To sooth rashes
  92. To lower blood pressure
  93. To cleanse the kidneys
  94. To use in juice
  95. To prevent leg cramps
  96. To fade bruising
  97. To combat seasonal allergies
  98. To reduce bulging varicose veins
  99. To treat dermatitis
  100. To treat nausea
  101. To help with morning sickness

There you have it, a whopping 101 uses for apple cider vinegar. Did they blow your mind?

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