Heatless Curls That Last: 10 Looks We Love


Curly hair takes time and means heat damage to your locks, right? Actually, not so much. Heatless curls are possible and they’re not only time-saving, but cause much less damage to your hair. Using simple aids like bobby pins, headbands, braids, and hair ties, you can create gorgeous tight overnight curls, or quick and sexy loose beach waves in minutes. Check out ten ways to create perfect DIY no heat curls. Step-by-step instructions and tutorials included!

Perfectly curled hair is the dream. It’s always in style and looks just right on all hair colours, types, and lengths. Images of celebs, bloggers and models with tousled waves and voluminous curls have most women head over heels, praying for their curls to fall perfectly so. But curly hair takes time and means heat damage to your locks, right? Actually, not so much. Heatless curls are possible and they’re not only time-saving, but cause much less damage to your hair than using a curling iron or curling wand. Using simple aids like bobby pins, headbands, and hair ties, you can create gorgeous curls without the harm.

DIY no-heat curls are brilliant beauty hacks, and they prove that you don’t need to go to a salon and shell out the big bucks for a coveted curly look. You can create the look you want in the comfort of your own home and protect your hair while doing so. Some techniques are as easy as putting your hair into braids and sleeping with them braided over night. You’ll wake up with beautiful mermaid-like waves that will last all throughout the day. Other methods, like pin curls, will take a little more time and effort, but following these easy instructions and tutorials will have you with gorgeous curls in no time.


Especially as we head into summer, when the temperature outside heats up, using extra heat from a blow dryer and curling iron can really wreak havoc on your hair. Below, check out ten ways to create flawless heatless curls. Your hair will thank you.

The headband technique

This no-heat technique results in gorgeous curls that look professionally done. All you have to do is place a headband on your head and twist strands of your hair around the headband. Leave it in for a few hours, or even better, sleep with it like that over night. You’ll wake up with curls that look like they took tons of time, when really you did them in a jiff! Check out the Savvy Curls Curling Single Hair Wrap – they’re cheap and cheery and get the job done! – as well as this great how-to tutorial by Vivian V!

Paper towel waves

Have you ever thought of using paper towels to create waves? It’s genius! This technique is super easy. You just need to part your hair into four sections, and with each section create a figure-8 braid with your hair and folded paper towel. It might sound confusing, but check out the video below by Luxy Hair for a step-by-step guide.

Sleeping in braids

This no-heat wave technique is so simple and works while you get your z’s. Braid your hair any way you want – one big braid, two pig tail braids, a bunch of little braids, a fish tail braid. Then hit the sack and when you wake up your hair will look absolutely stunning.

Two buns on side of head

I like to call this one the Princess Leia technique. Start with towel dried hair and add some styling treatment like the SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Divide your hair into two halves, twist each section away from your face and pin into buns on each side of your head. Leave the buns in over night and release in the morning for gorgeous curls.

Pin curls

These curls may take a little more time, but it will definitely be worth it to get nicely defined curls. Start with damp hair either after a shower or sprayed with water. Take your hair at two-inch sections at a time and wrap each section around your index and middle fingers. Once each section is fully coiled, pin it to your head with a bobby pin. Do this all around your head and sleep in the pin curls. Howcast shows you exactly how to do this in the tutorial below!


Another super simple no-heat technique is twists. Part damp hair into four sections and twist each section inward or outward. Keep twisting as your hair is drying. Once completely dried, undo the twists, and like magic, you’ll have amazing curls.

Sleeping in a top knot

This one might just be the easiest of them all. All you need is some volumizing spray (we love Kenra Volume Spray!) and a hair clip. Clip your hair into a top knot (don’t use an elastic as it could create kinks), spray with volumizing spray and hit the sack. Release the top knot in the morning and voila! Heatless curls.

Sock wrap

Yes, for this technique you’ll actually use a sock from your sock drawer (just make sure it’s nice and stretchy)! Section your dry hair into four parts. Grab each section and wrap the hair around the middle of a sock until it’s secure. Then roll the sock all the way up and tie it in a knot at the top of your head. This will keep everything in place until you wake up the next morning with flawless “I woke up like this” bouncy waves. This tutorial by Makeba (ynotkeeb) will teach you how to get this gorgeous look.

Soft curlers

Although they might seem old school, some people still swear by soft curlers (we love our Diane By Fromm 42-pack!). They’re so easy to use – just wrap your hair in them before you go to to bed, sleep on them and release in the morning for voluminous curls!


This is another method that might seem a little old fashioned but it really works! All you need are a bunch of hair clips (we suggest the Diane Double Prong Clips) and a spray bottle of water (unless you just washed your hair). Twist small sections of your hair up and clip them into place. Leave them until your hair is completely dry.

With these ten methods, heatless curls are right at your fingertips (literally!). Try them out for flawless curls that will take you from day time to night time looking top notch!

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