Hair Hacks for Curly Hair: 11 Tips Every Curly-Haired Girl Should Know


Flat irons, be gone! Sleek, straight hair is out, and that means embracing what mother nature gave you and defining your natural curl. But first? Hack hacks. We love them. And these hair hacks for curly hair will NOT disappoint. From combatting frizz, decreasing puffiness, and getting sexy curls your friends would die for, this collection of hack hacks for curly hair will make your locks look fabulous throughout the seasons!

When I was younger all I wanted was straight hair. My natural curls were frizzy and puffy, and as a young girl I had no idea how to work with them. In my teens I was constantly using a straightening iron to smooth them out and finally tried Japanese hair straightening, a chemical process that permanently straightens your hair. I got the treatment done for almost ten years, but for the first time, I’m letting my natural curls grow out.

As someone who’s embracing her curls for the first time in a long time, I’ve been searching for hair hacks that will combat frizz, decrease puffiness, and define my natural curl. If you take the time to learn to work with your natural hair, it can be everything you’ve ever wanted!

A few essential things to remember for curlies? Locking in moisture is key to good curls. Without moisture your hair will become dry, frizzy, puffy. Switch to sulphate-free shampoo and try “co-washing” for healthy, frizz-free hair. And if all else fails, you can always book an appointment with a curly hair specialist. Since every curl is different, they’ll be able to give you recommendations and techniques based on your unique hair type!

Check out these 11 amazing hair hacks for curly hair.

1. How I Sleep with Curly Hair at Night | Pineapple Method by Styles by Fash

If you have curly hair, you shouldn’t be washing it every day. That’s a sure fire way to suck moisture out of it. If you want to preserve your curls from the day before, the pineapple method is the way to go. This video will demonstrate a quick and easy way to keep your curls in place while you sleep over night. You’ll wake up with fresh and amazing curls!

2. Brush From the Bottom Up

Like many people, I’ve always brushed my hair from the roots down. But if you start at the bottom, it’s easier to detangle knots as you work your way up. Curly hair is susceptible to knots, so this hack will save you a lot of pulling and yanking.

3. Twist Out for Naturally Curly Hair by SunKissAlba

This hair hack will teach you how to elongate your curls rather than define them and make them shorter. The twist out technique takes some time, but the result is gorgeous and unique. You’ll need some styling products like a curl-defining gel (she suggests Kinky Curly Curl Custard and DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel) to lock the twists in place.

4. Deep Condition Before Showering

In order to lock in moisture for bouncy curls, try this handy hack. Apply a deep conditioner to your hair before showering, and tuck it into a shower cap. In the shower, wash your body first and then your hair. The steam from the shower will help retain moisture and make your curls look amazing!

5. How to Get Straight Hair Using No Heat! Works on Curly, Frizzy or Long Hair by GlitterForever17

Even if you love rocking your curls on a regular basis, sometimes it’s nice to switch up your look with straight hair. The only problem is that hot straightening tools can be extremely damaging to your locks. With this tutorial, you’ll learn how to get straight hair using no heat at all. She suggests using products including Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque, Macadamia Natural Oil Leave-In-Cream, and CHI Silk Infusion throughout the process.

6. Hair Hacks for Curly Hair | How to Fix Dryness, Breakage, and Frizz by AlexandrasGirlyTalk

This tutorial includes a number of hair hacks to combat issues faced by curlies, from dryness to frizz. She shows you tricks for moisture retention, hair breakage, and how to figure out how much product you should be using in your hair.

7. Use Sulphate-Free Shampoo

Many shampoos are made with sulfate, which strips the natural oils from your hair and deprives it of moisture. If you’re not using one already, switch to a sulphate-free shampoo. Sulphates are great at removing dirt and cleaning the hair, but they are extremely drying for natural, curly hair.

8. 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Curly Hair by Sayria Jade

If you have curly hair, it’s important to know how and how not to work with it. If you don’t have all the facts, you could be damaging your strands more than you know. In this video she shares amazing tips and hacks for curlies and spills on curly hair hacks you might not know. You’ll learn how to de-tangle properly, combat dryness and frizz, and keep the moisture in your hair with a number of techniques.

9. How I Curl My Curly Frizzy Hair by Erin Elizabeth

If you have curly hair that always goes frizzy and puffy, here’s a tutorial to help you tame it and give you gorgeous curls. She doesn’t use the clip on her curling iron, but instead uses it as a curling wand and it results in perfect curls. Disclosure: she doesn’t have tiny ringlets curls, it’s more of a puffy, kinky wave, so if that’s your kind of curl, this tutorial is for you!

10. Try Co-Washing

Skip the shampoo altogether and try “co-washing” your hair. “Co-washing” stands for conditioner-only washing and helps lock in the moisture for healthy, frizz-free hair. Whether you wash your hair every other day or once a week, if you want to de-puff your curls, co-washing is for you!

11. See a Curly Hair Specialist

Embracing your natural curly hair is becoming more popular by the day, and there are curly hair specialists that can teach you exactly how to work with your natural hair type. There are so many different curls, each one unique in their own way. If you can’t seem to figure out how to tame yours, make an appointment with a specialist to teach you the ropes! They can recommend the best products and techniques so you can get the curls you’ve always wanted.

Curly hair should not be something you’re ashamed or afraid of. Learning how to work with it through awesome hair hacks will ensure you’re getting the most out of your natural texture. Try out these hacks for gorgeous curls!

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