How to Get Dewy Skin: 13 Sun Kissed Makeup Tips and Tutorials


13 Makeup Tips to Teach You How to Get Dewy Skin | If you want to know how to get dewy skin naturally, or you’re looking for ways to fake dewy skin with makeup, this post has it all! From our favorite beauty tips and products, to 3 step-by-step sun-kissed makeup tutorials, we’re sharing 13 beauty hacks to teach you how to get fresh, glowy skin year-round – not just during the summer months! #dewyskin #skincare #beautytips #glowyskin

When summer rolls around, all most of us want is to rock that dewy, just-got-home-from-the-beach look. There’s something about dewy skin that makes you look fresh, radiant and ready to take on anything life throws your way. If you’re wondering how to get dewy skin without looking like you just stepped out of the shower, we’re giving you our best tips and tutorials so you can head into the summer looking as glowing and vibrant as possible!

What is Dewy Skin?

Dewy skin is a type of skin finish. Unlike matte skin that’s void of any excess oil, dewy skin has a moist appearance. Dewy skin has natural oils that reflect light and make your skin look glowing and radiant. It was made popular by celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, and is achieved with strategic highlighting and bronzing.

Dewy skin makes you look young and vibrant! It leaves your skin looking well moisturized, and softens fine lines and imperfections. It makes your skin look healthy and gives off the illusion of an active lifestyle (whether you have one or not!).

5 Ways to Fake Dewy Skin

1. Always Wear Sunscreen
Tanned skin and dewy skin don’t always go hand in hand. When you give your skin too much sun exposure, it actually thickens up the layer of dead skin on the surface, causing it to look dull and rough. However, if you wear sunscrean on the daily (we love this sunscreen), it allows your skin to stay young, plump, and glow-y.

2. Apply Makeup Immediately After Moisturizing
If you want the look of dewy skin, slather on your moisturizer and apply your foundation and concealer immediately afterwards. This allows your foundation and concealer to blend in more easily, giving you a gorgeous, glowing finish.

3. Use a Cream Blush
Loose and pressed powder blush mattifies the skin, so a cream blush is your best bet for a dewy complexion. Apply a cream blush to the apples of your cheeks, along the sides of your forehead, down your T-zone, and even over your eyelids for a natural flush.

4. Use a Moisturizing Mist
There are lots of great options out there for moisturizing mists you can use over your makeup. Whenever you want to give your skin a moisture boost, apply a spritz to plump up your skin and make it glow!

5. Fake Tanner
While fake tanner used to set off the oompa loompa alarm, there are really great quality fake tanners out there these days. A natural looking fake tan will make your skin look radiant and help give you that dewy skin look you’re going for. We’ve written an entire post about fake tanner along with our favorite products and best application tips, which you can read HERE.

5 Sun Kissed Makeup Tips

1. Use Bronzer Strategically
Bronzer is one of the best ways to get a sun kissed look, especially if you use it strategically. Apply bronzer to the apple of your cheeks and follow your cheek and jaw contour to sculpt your face. You should also apply bronzer to your temples and sides of your nose for a glowing appearance.

2. Illuminate With a Highlighter
A good highlighter will illuminate and give dimension to your face, making it look nice and sun kissed. Blend it along your brow bone, down the bridge of your nose, and to the inner corner of your eyes. Swipe and pat highlighter along your cheekbones, then blend it in for a flawless glow.

3. Add Some Blush
Sun kissed, glowing skin is always made better with a touch of blush! After you’ve bronzed and highlighted, you need to add some colour back to your face. Apply cream blush to the apples of your cheeks for a beautiful flush of colour.

4. Skip Lip Gloss
Since lipgloss is super, well, glossy, it can end up competing with your dewy skin. Instead, use a hydrating lipstick with a subtle shine. You can also go for more of a matte finish if that suits you better.

5. Say No To Shimmery Foundation
Highlighter has enough shimmer in it to give you a nice sun kissed glow – you don’t need shimmer in your foundation, too. Shimmery foundation has light-reflecting particles, so it won’t give you that natural dewy look.

3 Sun Kissed Makeup Tutorials

Sun Kissed Skin Tutorial | Dacey Cash

If you want a flawless, sun kissed makeup look, this one takes the cake! She demonstrates how to get the most gorgeous glowing look with products like the Bare Minerals Faux Tan, Benefit Hoola Bronzer, and the Milani Baked Bronzer. You’re sure to end up with a dewy look you love!

Beauty Routines | Sun Kissed Skin | The Agency Arizona

I love this tutorial because it’s more of a subtle sun kissed look but still gives you a gorgeous glow. She uses products such as the e.l.f. Cosmetics Baked Highlighter, the Hoola Matte Bronzing Powder and the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray! Get your hands on these awesome products to mimic this look!

Soft Sun Kissed Goddess Makeup Tutorial | Elesa Anthony

This fresh-faced, dewy look is perfect to wear on the daily, whether you’re going to work, out to brunch with friends or on a date! She uses products like the Clinique Airbrush Concealer, Laura Mercier Matte Bronzing Powder, and the Laura Mercier Face Illuminator to get the dewy look!

If you’re ready to rock gorgeous, dewy skin every day, use these tips and tutorials! They’re sure to help you glow!

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