How to Clean a Persimmon


Things You\’ll Need

  • Knife

  • Cutting board

... Persimmon seeds form a starburst pattern inside the fruit.

Persimmons come in two main varieties. The slightly flat types are sweeter and less astringent than those with a heart shape. The flat varieties are ripe and ready for serving when the fruit reaches its full red-orange color and when the fruit is still firm. Heart-shaped persimmons must reach their full color and develop a softer texture before they develop their full flavor. Wash persimmons right before you serve them, as water on the fruit's skin during storage can cause the persimmons to spoil.

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Step 1

Hold the persimmon fruit under cool running water. Rinse the entire surface of the fruit. Rub any dirty spots clean with your fingers.

Step 2

Insert the point of your knife between the stem cap and the fruit. Pull the stem cap off the persimmon with the knife tip.

Step 3

Cut the persimmon in half, from stem end to bottom. Lay each half face up on the cutting board.

Step 4

Remove the seeds from the persimmon. Use the tip of your knife to lift the seeds out, if necessary. Eat the persimmon as it is or cut it into smaller pieces for serving or cooking, as desired.

Step 5

Cut the persimmon into quarters if you want smaller pieces. Slide the knife between the peel and the fruit and discard the peels. The peels are edible, so you can leave them on the fruit if preferred.


You can also eat the persimmon whole, as you would an apple, after washing and stemming the fruit.

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