From the Editor: Spring 2017


From the Editor: Spring 2017

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Ten years ago, my first book was published: Thrive. In it, I examine the direct link between stress and food. Writing largely from a personal perspective, I discussed what I was going through at the time: elevated levels of cortisol as a result of unbridled stress. The source of my stress was overtraining—more physical stress than my body could sustainably recover from.
Yet I found that nutrient-dense plant foods could offset the physical ailments caused by stress: low energy, poor sleep, dependence on caffeine and sugar, weight gain despite regular exercise, mental fogginess, et cetera. In the Spring 2017 issue of alive magazine, I delve into what we can all do to reduce the symptoms of stress while not allowing our workloads to suffer—and actually boosting productivity.
Peak potential can’t be reached until stress is at a minimal level, below our individual stress threshold. And I believe that truly understanding the dynamic relationship between stress and food is essential before true, holistic renewal can transpire.
On the subject of renewal, skier extraordinaire Lindsey Vonn (an Olympic gold medalist and winner of four overall World Cup titles) shares her tips for maximizing workout effectiveness. Plus, she gives her honest and practical thoughts as to how we might all want to approach self-betterment.
Ultra-marathon phenom Jason Lester shares his story of overcoming adversity—which is, to say the least, packed with relentless determination. His journey of personal renewal serves as an approach to life to which we can all aspire.
Plus, we examine the benefits of a simple app that gives you the ability to follow the exact workouts of your favorite athletes—and find the ones that best suit your individual goals.
And, as per usual, this issue is packed with delicious, nutrient-dense, plant-based recipes to help you renew your love of real, whole foods … and the resulting benefits you’ll feel from them.

Brendan Brazier

PHOTO BY Rob Campbell

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