Celebrating 25 Years of Natural Health Education!


Celebrating 25 Years of Natural Health Education!

Chances are, you want to live your best life. You care about your family’s health and wellness. You try to stay as active as possible. You read labels when you grocery shop. We want to help you with all those things.

At the alive Academy of Natural Health, our mission is to educate people worldwide about natural health and wellness through flexible courses and programs.
In honour of the alive Academy\’s 25th anniversary, we’re offering you a special deal. Enrol in the Nutritional Consulting diploma program, and you’ll get ALL of these perks:

  • $250 savings on your tuition fees
  • enrolment in the Vegan Nutrition course at NO CHARGE
  • a full-year subscription to alive magazine

Why Nutritional Consulting?
This diploma program is your master class in all things healthy: you’ll learn about nutrition for kids and seniors, athletes, vegetarians, and more. When you graduate as a certified nutritional consultant, you can pursue a career in natural health, strengthen your current career skills—or just use your next-level health knowledge to enhance your and your family’s well-being.
All of our courses are online, so you can learn from the comfort of your own home on your schedule.
To get started ASAP, just call 1-800-663-6580. Our team will walk you through the registration process and answer any pressing questions you might have.

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